Английский для путешествия

Фразы для путешествия: вопросы

Could you bring us…

Не могли бы принести нам…

– Could you bring us the bill please?
– One minute please.

I'd like…

Я бы хотел…

– I'd like to try on this dress.
– The fitting room is over there.

I'd rather…

Я бы лучше…

– Would you like a cup of tea?
– I'd rather have a glass of whisky.

Same again please.

Повторите, пожалуйста.

– Same again please.
– Yes sir.

I'll have…

Я возьму…

– I'll have this one.
– Good choice.

May I have…

Можно мне…

– May I have a cigarette?
– Sure. Here you are.

May I borrow your…

Можно воспользоваться твоим…

– May I borrow your knife?
– Be careful, it's sharp.

Do you mind if I…

Не возражаете, если я…

– Do you mind if I smoke?
– Actually, I do mind.

Is it alright if I...?

Ничего если я…

– Is it alright if we sit here?
– Sure, It's alright.

Will you… please.

Не могли бы вы…

– Will you open the window please?
– Why don't you do it yourself?

Sorry to bother you…

Извините за беспокойство…

– Sorry to bother you, but I'm Ernest Hill.
– Really? So what?

Please let me know…

Пожалуйста, сообщите…

– Please let me know when you are free.
– No problem.

Look here.


– Hey, look here.
– What?

Check it out!


– Check it out!
– Holy shit!

For God's sake…

Ради бога…

– For God's sake get away.
– No way.

Could you do me a favor?

Сделай мне одолжение.

– Could you do me a favor?
– Sure, what's up?

If you're not too busy…

Если вы не слишком заняты…

– Can I help you?
– If you're not too busy, of course.

Sorry to interrupt…

Простите что прерываю…

– What's happened?
– Sorry to interrupt but everybody is looking for you.

Slow down please.

Помедленнее, если можно.

– Don’t get your knickers in a twist.
– Slow down please.

Sorry, I didn’t catch that.

Простите, не расслышал.

– Chillaxin in the cut!
– Sorry, I didn’t catch that.

Mind the step.

Осторожнее, ступенька.

– Mind the step.
– OK.

Watch your head.

Не ударьтесь головой.

– Watch your head.
– OK.

Leave me alone.

Оставь меня в покое.

– This is not what you think!
– Leave me alone.

Don't worry about it.

Не волнуйся насчёт этого.

– What if we are late?
– Don't worry about it.

Hurry up.


– I can't find my headphones.
– Hurry up!

Take your time.

Не торопись.

– Just give me one more minute.
– Take your time.

Make yourself at home.

Чувствуйте себя как дома.

– May I sit down?
– Sure, make yourself at home.

Help yourself.


– Help yourself.
– Thank you, I'm a bit hungry.

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