Английский для путешествия

Фразы для путешествия: проблемы

We have a problem.

Хьюстон, у нас проблема.

– Houston, we have a problem.
– This is Houston. Say again, please.

I'm in trouble.

У меня проблемы.

– What's going on?
– You are in big trouble.

I lost my way.

Я заблудился.

– I lost my way. I'm looking for the Princeton Street.
– You're going the wrong way.

I'm confused.

Я запутался

– I'm confused and I don't know what to do.
– Me neither. Let's ask someone.

I'm sick.

Меня тошнит.

– I'm sick.
– Take a deep breath, okay?

I'm not well.

Мне нехорошо.

– Tony, I'm not well.
– OK, let's get out of here.

I'm dizzy.

У меня кружится голова.

– I'm dizzy.
– Take a step back from the edge.

I hurt my…

Я повредил…

– Are you OK?
– I'm afraid I hurt my leg.

I got robbed.

Меня ограбили…

– I got robbed.
– Well... Where did it happen?

I missed my…

Я опоздал на…

– I missed my bus, can you give me a ride?
– No problem, get in.

There is something wrong with…

Что-то не впорядке с…

– There is something wrong with the Wi-Fi.
– Try reconnecting.

Watch out!

Осторожнее. (Берегись!)

– Watch out! There is a snake over there.
– It's not a snake, it's just a stick.

We are out of…

У нас нет…

– We are out of gas.
– So what do we do?

My battery is flat.

У меня сел аккумулятор.

– My battery is flat.
– You can use my charger.

doesn't work.

… не работает…

– The air conditioning doesn t work.
– It's not plugged in.

out of order

…не работает….

– The elevator is out of order.
– My God, what a day.

The bill is wrong.

Счёт неправильный.

– Excuse me, the bill is wrong.
– Really? Let me check.

Here’s the thing:

Дело вот в чём:

– Here’s the thing: my documents are stolen.
– Sorry, I can't help you.


полное дерьмо

– How is the weather in Rome?
– The weather sucks.

I didn't mean to do it.

Я нечаянно

– What the fuck?
– Sorry, I didn't mean to do it.

What do we do?

Что делать

– What do we do?
– Make something up.

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