Английский для путешествия

Фразы для путешествия: вопросы

How much is…

Сколько стоит…

– How much is this thing?
– Two hundred and fifty.

What time is it?

Сколько времени?

– What time is it?
– It's only seven forty-five.

What time…

Во сколько…

– What time does the sun set?
– Around eight o'clock, I suppose.

How long until…

Через сколько…

– How long until the train arrives?
– It is less than half an hour.

How far is the…?

Сколько до…

– How far is the nearest bar?
– It's two blocks up this way.

How do I get… (How can I get)

Как добраться…

– How do I get to the beach?
– Just keep walking and you'll see it.

Where do I find…(How can I find)

Где найти…

– Where do I find the nearest petrol station?
– I have no idea, sorry.

Where is the closest…

Где ближайший…

– Where is the closest store that sells appliances?
– It's right around the corner.

How long…

Сколько длится…

– How long does the festival last?
– Three days and three nights.

What's going on?

Что происходит?

– What's going on?
– Nothing's going on.

What's the matter?

В чём дело?

– What's the matter?
– What are you talking about?

Do you have this in red?

А есть такое же красное?

– Do you have this in red?
– I'm afraid no. Maybe in orange.

What's this called?

Как это называется?

– What's this called?
– Flugegeheimen.

What would you recommend…

Что порекомендуете…

– What would you recommend we eat?
– We cook delicious lobster dishes.

What can you offer?

Что можете предложить?

– What would you like?
– What can you offer?

What do you mean?

Что вы имеете в виду?

– He is making a deadly mistake.
– What do you mean?

You mean….?

Вы имеете в виду…

– You mean it's impossible?
– Absolutely.

I wonder…

Интересно, …

– I wonder how they built it.
– It's fantastic!

How about…

Как насчёт…

– How about some champagne?
– Sure.

How is it going?

Как тут оно?

– How is it going?
– It's going great.


А что?

– What are you doing here?
– Just walking. Why?

So what?

И что?

– You tore your shorts.
– Yes. So what?

For what?


– Do you have a knife with you?
– For what?

What do you make of it?

Что вы об этом думаете?

– What do you make of it?
– I have not seen it yet.

How did it come about?

Как такое произошло?

– How did it come about?
– Ask me another one...

What the hell…

Какого чёрта…

– What the hell are you doing?
– Shut up and help me.

Would you happen to know…

Случайно не знаете…

– Would you happen to know where the bank is?
– Случайно не знаешь, где банк?

How do you like it here?

Как вам здесь?

– How do you like it here?
– I love it. It's great.

Are you from here? 

Вы местный?

– Are you from here? 
– No, I'm from Germany.

For here or to go?

Здесь или с собой?

– For here or to go?
– For here please.

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